BIXBI® Skin & Coat

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Dog & Cat Supplement
A little sprinkle. A lot of benefits.
1 Canister: 60g)
Some people think mushrooms are mysterious and magical. After almost 40-years of family mushroom farming, we simply view them as the healthiest option for holistic support. The potent, natural healing properties in mushrooms are an excellent, non-synthetic way to keep your dog or cat in tip-top shape.

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BIXBI® Skin & Coat

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The benefits are vast and differ on the type of mushroom. That is why we thoughtfully formulate our mushroom supplements to support specific functions of your dog’s body like skin and coat, immune system, joint health and digestion health.

• Certified by the National Animal Supplement Council
• Made with Organic Mushrooms
• Veterinarian Recommended
• Two-month Supply for the Average 50 lb. Dog
• USA Made & Sourced
• Fresh Meat. No Meat Meals.™
• No Rendered By-Products
• No Added Hormones or Antibiotics
• No Artificial Preservatives or Colors
• No Soy, Corn or Wheat
• USA Sourced & Made


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