Looking Good, Feeling Good !

Grooming Care

Grooming is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with your dog’s body.

Dog grooming is strongly associated solely with improving the appearance of a dog and it can also help with their overall wellbeing and health.

Most obvious benefits of getting your dog groomed are the hygiene benefits. Cleaning and brushing away all that dead skin and buildup can do wonders to your dog’s hygiene and smell

Trimming nails reduces the risk of developing bad posture or bone deformations

Trimming your dog’s nails is often overlooked but is an essential part of your dog’s wellbeing. Nails that grow too long can be uncomfortable for your dog to walk on. They may change their posture to better accommodate longer nails. This can create larger problems if left untreated. Arthritis, bone deformations and bad posture are just some of the ailments that can occur from leaving your dog’s nails long. Pro tip – if when standing their nails are touching the ground, it’s a sign they need to get them trimmed.

Makes them look better

Now aside from all the obvious health benefits to your dog from a regular grooming session, one of the main benefits is that they’ll actually look better! An unkempt appearance can reflect poorly on you as the owner, so making sure they look neat and tidy can be better for you too!