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Traffic Lead 1/2 inch x 16 inch

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Traffic Lead -A short 1.5 feet handled snap lead for situations where you need your dog close at all times.

A Brand of Quality
In the tradition of quality of Mendota leads and Mendota leashes, this traffic lead is made from highly durable polypropylene material that will not fade and will not rope-burn. The braided construction is lasting and strong. 
  • Soft on the hands with its “Broken in Feel” easy to use and pliable enough to fit in your coat pocket
  • Brass, satin nickel or black metallic hardware and oil tanned leather splices
  • Made of waterproof, vibrant, long-lasting multi-filament polypropylene rope.
  • Matches Mendota's Double Braid Collars
  • Machine washable, air dry only.
  • Handmade in the U.S.A.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Shipping Weight 4 oz.
  • Package size: 4"x5"x1.5"  

    What's a Traffic Lead?

  • A traffic lead is a short dog leash - often very short - at under a foot in length. Traffic leads are designed to be worn by medium to large sized dogs that have already been trained to walk on a regular leash. Traffic leashes aren't a very popular tool (it's unlikely your local Petco stocks them in stores) but they can be very useful when training, especially when teaching your dog how to heal

    As the name implies, traffic leads are particularly helpful when visiting heavily-trafficked places, like busy shopping malls, schools, and stores with your dog. But they can be useful in any situation that demands a short leash. Using a traffic lead in busy areas is convenient, because you wont have a bunch of extra leash to hold onto when you know you wont be letting your dog go that far.