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HUNTER® Collar Sansibar Rantum

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Collar Sansibar Rantum in 2 Colours

The Sansibar Collar also comes with a 2-metre matching snap leash. Walking in style is that easy!

M-L    : Diameter 2 x 10 mm | Neck circumference 50 cm
L         : Diameter 2 x 10 mm | Neck circumference 55 cm
L-XL   : Diameter 2 x 10 mm | Neck circumference 60 cm
XL      : Diameter 2 x 10 mm | Neck circumference 65 cm

The crossed swords are now practically iconic in Germany: welcome to Germany’s most famous sand dune locale! Sansibar in Sylt is synonymous with the appealing mixture of rugged North Sea climate and exclusive lifestyle. The collar from the Sansibar collection optimally picks up on these factors. This dog accessory’s two layers of woven rope are made from material with a nautical appearance and are available in various colours reminiscent of the beach and stormy skies. The brass fastener will surprise you with its especially sophisticated design: instead of a conventional snap hook, the end piece is shaped like a trigger snap, which means that it perfectly complements the Sansibar swords, which – of course – are essential. The famous logo adorns a small patch made from real leather at the end of the collar. A decorative piece that pays a lot of attention to detail in our dog shop for anybody who wants that special something.


      Highlight Of The Product

  • collar made from two layers of rope
  • real leather patch with Sansibar logo
  • brass fittings
  • with scissor carabiner
  • not ajustable
  • striking colour accents


  • Uppers: Rope/ Nylon


Measuring Instructions

Measure the circumference of your dog’s neck (A) by placing a flexible tape measure around the middle of the neck. The tape measure should be tight but not restrict your dog. Leave approximately one finger’s breadth between the tape measure and your dog. Because the specifications for adjusting our various collars usually overlap slightly, you do not necessarily have to use the first or last hole to guarantee an optimal fit. Should the circumference of the neck of your dog be at the upper end of the measurements specified then you can alternatively choose the next larger size. This is especially recommended for dogs that are still growing.

Our collar sizes (e.g. size. 30) relate to the total length of the material used without taking the buckle and the fastener into consideration. It should be noted that when considering the range of adjustments the first value relates to the smallest and the second value to the largest adjustment possible.