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DERMagic Diatomaceous Earth Dust - 1 lb bag

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Made with USDA Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

No more toxic chemicals, sprays, or drops! DERMagic’s Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Dust, made from food grade diatomaceous earth, is the perfect companion to the very popular organic Diatomaceous Earth Shampoo Bar, which kills fleas and lice while leaving the coat and skin shining, healthy, and smelling great! DERMagic’s DE Bar kills fleas on your dog and deters them from jumping back on, while the new DERMagic DE Dust, with its handy sprinkle-top, safely kills fleas in the pet’s bedding, carpet, furniture, and wherever your pet hangs out. You can even put it directly on your pet! Safe for dogs and cats.

Weight: 16.8 oz