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HUNTER® Grooming Spa Brush - Self-cleaning

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Grooming brush Spa

Size : 22,5 x 8 cm

Colour : White | Brown

Cleaning follows brushing. Everybody who regularly grooms their pet’s coat knows this. This brush makes it especially convenient to maintain your pet’s hygiene: Simply press the integrated button to remove the collected fur. The ergonomically shaped grip in a high-quality leather look guarantees that the comb is non-slip and easy to use. The brush makes it easier to remove dead undercoat fur and prevents moulting for long-haired, medium-length and short-haired dogs.


      Highlight Of The Product
  • suitable for long-haired, medium-length and short-haired dogs
  • gently grooms topcoat and undercoat fur
  • prevents moulting
  • with integrated button for easy removal of collected fur
  • ergonomic handle with high-quality leather look