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Hunter Hilo Poop Dispenser Holder

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Poopbag dispenser
3D mesh
Material : Polyester

Size : 9.5 x 5 cm

Now there really is no excuse to take your four-legged friend out for a walk without a bag. The HILO poop bag dispenser convinces (un)noticeably with its lightness, which is due to the 3D mesh material used. By means of the slim lightweight carabiner, the modern accessory can be worn on one's own clothing, attached to a bag or even the dog's leash and is immediately at hand in any situation. No more desperate searching à la »I should still have a bag!«. Simply fill a roll of poo bags into the dispenser, close it with the stopper cord and then pull bag after bag out of the practical plastic tab. 

        Highlight Of The Product

  • Stylish poo bag dispenser for every day
  • Flexible fastening options thanks to robust ring carabiner
  • Easy removal of individual bags
  • extra light
  • easy to fasten to clothing or the dog lead using the small carabiner
  • able to be filled with normal-sized rolls of waste bags (not included)