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HUNTER® Vario Basic Alu-Strong

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Vario Basic Alu-Strong 

The VARIO BASIC ALU-STRONG collar is a brilliant nylon collar featuring the patented aluminium side buckle ALU-STRONG with a tensile strength of up to 400lbs. Light weight, high gloss and rust-free, the buckle can be adjusted on a meal slide for optimum fit for all breeds. 

Available in 11 Colours 
🐾Light Blue
🐾Light Pink

Size M : 30 - 45 cm | Width 1.5 cm
Size  L : 40 - 55 cm | Width 2.0 cm
Size XL: 45 - 65 cm | Width 2.5 cm

If you’re looking for good, high-quality basics for your dog, then look no further than the VARIO BASIC ALU-STRONG collar. Made from soft yet sturdy nylon, this collar has what it takes to let you and your pet master each new day. The collar can be individually tightened or loosened using a metal slider and features a metal D-ring for attaching a leash or a short leash. The rustproof ALU-STRONG fastener, which is capable of withstanding a tensile load of up to 200 kg despite its low weight (max. 39 g) and is easy to open and close, deserves special mention.

      Highlight Of The Product
  • made of high-quality and durable nylon material
  • stepless adjustable by metal slider
  • with practical aluminium fastener


  • Uppers: Nylon/Plastic

Measuring Instructions

Measure the circumference of your dog’s neck (A) by placing a flexible tape measure around the middle of the neck. The tape measure should be tight but not restrict your dog. Leave approximately one finger’s breadth between the tape measure and your dog. Because the specifications for adjusting our various collars usually overlap slightly, you do not necessarily have to use the first or last hole to guarantee an optimal fit. Should the circumference of the neck of your dog be at the upper end of the measurements specified then you can alternatively choose the next larger size. This is especially recommended for dogs that are still growing.

Our collar sizes (e.g. size. 30) relate to the total length of the material used without taking the buckle and the fastener into consideration. It should be noted that when considering the range of adjustments the first value relates to the smallest and the second value to the largest adjustment possible.