About Us

Our Story

Our Company: Compassion and Dedication

Founded by dog owners that are also active individuals in the rescue scenes in Singapore.
Compassion and dedication brought us to this little company created out of love.


It all started after getting into the rescue scenes with the strays as volunteers. An innocent foster care for the rescued dogs jolted us for many attempts to find good quality products locally that was more often than not, challenging. Breaking out of leashes, snapping and chewing leash after leash forced us to research beyond local stores to overseas. That was when we found our very first reliable product - Slip Lead from Mendota Pet. In a bid to bring the product for Paw-rents with dogs that require leash training to our local shores, we started Woof Out Loud, now rebranded as Pawfect, to be the official distributor in Singapore. We did not look back ever since, as we continue to research and bring in products that shouts quality and have benefits for the goodness of our FUR-mily members.


Our Brand Vision

Luxury often does not mean quality. A heavily marketed branded product has often been mistaken to be the best, but the best quality products actually comes from true and passionate manufacturers who takes dedication into not only making a product with the best quality in mind, but also with the best interest and comfort of our pets. This is what defines our offerings.