Bless Me Process

Gifter buying process

  1. Interested gifter to visit website, on ‘Bless Me’ tab landing page

  2. Gifter is able to browse information on respective shelters and click on desired item to purchase  for gifting and add to cart (Items come with a certain level of discount off RRP).

  3. Gifter to check out as regular customer (to note that item/s will be directly dropped ship to the gifter's chosen shelter.)

  4. Both the gifter and the shelter shall receive invoice for the purchases to ensure gifter's purchase.

  5. Shelter will be receiving their orders within 2-5 working days after dropping off. A notification of tracked parcel information will be send to gifter once the item is being packed and shipped, pls click here to see our shipping policy.

Pawfect process

  1. Orders to be receive and process as usual, only thing is that the shipping address will be gifter's chosen shelter instead of gifter's address.
  2. Pawfect will indicate a small note with the gifted item to share gifter’s name and email address