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HUNTER® Ballina Cat & Dog Bed

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Cat and dog bed 

Size : Ø 60 cm

Colour : Blue

Even at first glance, the BALLINA cat and dog bed is completely different from other dog and cat sofas. The tall, rounded shape, the stitched cover and the integrated cuddly blanket make the BALLINA bed a comfortable safe haven for little dogs or cats - or even both! The rounded BALLINA cat and dog bed is extra comfy and cosy thanks to the soft filling, the stitched cover and the plush trim. The in-built blanket with the sweet implied ears on the upper side of the cushion allows the little four-legged friend to snuggle into a warm little space or hide from other family members - whether they be of the two or four-legged variety. The BALLINA cat and dog bed is sufficiently large to allow two cats, for example, to cuddle up to each other for optimal comfort. The cat and dog bed BALLINA can be easily washed in the washing machine at 30°C. This is very easy because before washing, the zipper on the side of the BALLINA bed can be opened and the filling removed.

      Highlight Of The Product
  • Cosy pet bed, with integrated blanket
  • For hiding, sleeping and resting
  • Round shape animates to nestle and roll up
  • With cuddly, soft plush
  • Filling can be removed thanks to zipper
  • Cover washable at 30°C


  • Uppers: Polyester
  • Under material: Polyester


  • Ø: 60 cm 
  • 62 x 62 x 14 cm