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HUNTER® Hamilton Protective Boot Blanket

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Protective Boot Blanket

Size : 100 x 65 cm

Colour : Black

The HAMILTON protective boot blanket can be fastened to your car’s back seat headrests in the blink of an eye thanks to the adjustable belt straps and click closure.

It provides reliable protection from dirt and hair in your car boot when transporting dogs. The practical blanket is designed to also protect your bumper from scratches and dirt when your dog is getting in and out of the car, a practical detail that prevents damage to paint once your dog has learned to jump in and out of the boot on your command. Of course your dog’s comfort is paramount when they are in the car.

The lying surface is padded with soft materials, making both short and long drives a pleasant experience for your four-legged friend. HAMILTON also gets top marks when it comes to hygiene: It can be machine washed at up to 95°C, giving unpleasant odours, germs and bacteria absolutely no chance at all.


      Highlight Of The Product
  • protects the car from dirt and hair
  • with comfortable, padded lying surface
  • can be used in many conventional car models
  • ready for use straight away thanks to practical belt straps with click closure
  • with integrated bumper protection
  • washable at 95°C