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HUNTER® Muzzle Albury

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Size : 1 Head length max. 5 cm | Head circumference max. 21 cm
          2 Head length max. 6 cm | Head circumference max. 26 cm
          3 Head length max. 7 cm | Head circumference max. 30 cm 
          4 Head length max. 7 cm | Head circumference max. 33 cm
          5 Head length max. 9 cm | Head circumference max. 38 cm
          (Please Refer to Last Photo Ref)

Colour : Black

Finding the ideal muzzle can be a real challenge. To ensure that the dog's well-being is not impaired, perfect wearing comfort and a perfect fit are the top priorities. Ideally, the four-legged wearer will not even notice the muzzle after a careful acclimatisation phase, similar to how glasses or braces can become completely everyday companions for us humans.

The ALBURY muzzle is a real innovation in many respects and meets the highest demands. The muzzle is made from a single piece of plastic and is particularly flexible thanks to the use of a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), without losing any of its robustness. It is additionally padded in the sensitive nose area. The generously designed grille allows panting and sufficient water intake - even small treats fit through it effortlessly. Particularly noteworthy is the removable poison bait guard, which can prevent the ingestion of dangerous bait, plants that are poisonous to four-legged friends or waste that is harmful to health. The continuously adjustable nylon straps run centrally over the head as well as behind the ears and guarantee a secure, firm fit of the muzzle in every situation.

The possible applications are many and include travelling at home and abroad with different means of transport, stressful and unknown situations for the dog, protection against wound licking after operations, hunting instincts that cannot (yet) be fully controlled and much more.

Note: Please never leave the animal unattended with the muzzle on. The muzzle should not be worn permanently and not during strenuous physical activity. To prevent injuries, the muzzle should be checked regularly for damage or loose parts and replaced if necessary.


      Highlight Of The Product
  • Custom-fit muzzle for a wide range of head shapes
  • Wide range of applications (travel, fear and aggression, after operations, etc.)
  • Infinitely adjustable nylon straps for a secure fit
  • Generous grille allows panting, water intake and vomiting
  • With removable poison bait guard


Measuring Instructions

NOTE: This feature does not provide complete protection from not solid poisoned bait. Please, exercise proper care of your pet at all times