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HUNTER® Trainer Snack Dummy

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Trainer Snack Dummy

Learning to retrieve in a playful way - very easy with the TRAINER SNACK DUMMY. Thanks to a washable inner coating and an easy-to-open zipper, the dummy can be filled with reward snacks or food. The dummy is thrown and retrieved by the dog. The special feature: the dog is rewarded directly from the dummy by being allowed to eat directly from the training bag after opening the zipper. Thus the dog learns in a playful way how to retrieve and at the same time that he must not destroy the toy. Only through the influence of his master or mistress can he obtain the longed-for reward. The robust material is tooth-friendly and the dummy can be easily taken up by the light padding. When dirty, the dummy can be machine washed at 30 °C.

  • Training dummy for dog sports and training
  • Fillable with snacks or food
  • For direct reward after command executed
  • With zipper
  • Washable inner coating
  • Padded and tooth-friendly
  • Washable at 30 °C