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Yuna Leather Poopbag dispenser

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Poopbag dispenser
Yuna Leather

Size : 10 x 5 cm

Available Colours

When practical everyday helpers also look good, the heart of every dog owner beats faster. Of course, there is room for individual poop bags in a trouser or jacket pocket, but where to put the keys, the clicker, the treats for doggie and all that? So, to all pragmatists: We can warmly recommend the YUNA poop bag dispenser. For reasons that are: Unpleasant situations are a thing of the past, as now there are always enough bags for the big business.

The individual bags can also be removed without any frustration and are ready for use immediately. And the large, high-quality ring carabiner can always be hooked in where it is most practical. Whether on the leash, on your trousers or in a bag - YUNA is completely flexible and an absolute must-have for every responsible dog owner.


      Highlight Of The Product
  • Stylish poo bag dispenser for every day
  • Flexible fastening options thanks to robust ring carabiner
  • Easy removal of individual bags
  • One roll of poo bags included
  • Made in Germany



  • 10 x 5 cm